Video Celebrity News moves to Celebrities1.TV

Video Celebrity News [ ] officially changes to: Celebrities1.TV [ www.Celebrities1.TV ] OOOOhhhh YEH! we will in future be sharing content via YouTube LIVE so as to capture a GLOBAL following for this very special channel, that is UNIQUE in that it captures our “LOCAL is LEKKER!” vibe via the UNCUT, RAW and UNEDITED interviewing style. Yes, we take the ordinary folk (like you and I) and reveal their respective extraordinary abilities… with emphasis being on sharing “Good News.”

MANY THANKS to everyone that enabled us to capture over 140 live shows and the next steps are to secure a major sponsor for www.Celebrities1.TV and to expand the YouTube Channel: “Celebrities1” with the PURPOSE to ultimately create: “World’s Leading GOOD News Channel!” – Presented by: Craig Metrowich

EVERLASTING GOOD NEWS is here… YEH! LOVE this work! My ACTION plan now is to: Upload 140 interviews to OUR new YouTube channel: “Celebrities1” for online TV channel “Celebrities1.TV” – See the YouTube interviews now at: [ ]

ENJOY the fun-filled interviews.

WOW! new GOOD NEWS website also now LIVE: [ www.Celebrities1.TV ] +27610827882